Monday, April 27, 2009

Michael Esson's Mixed Metaphors

Michael Esson's work is mind blowing, 
Nothing can really be said except that he holds a class at my university where you draw dead people.
Unfortunately his show at Manly Art Gallery is over.
Above is but a sketch I made of one of his massive drawings, to see the real work is something completely different.
Most of his work is over a meter or two meters large, and there is a wonderful, unapologetic focus of drawn images. Of describing objects through purely dry mediums with various styles.

There are too many painters around, 
Hurray for people who draw!

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  1. Ah Jess you are quite the talented artist. I watched as you drew this and I must say your attention to detail is remarkable. The fact that you brought all your colour pencils is an added bonus. There needs to be a revival of biros in art, thanks for paving the way.