Sunday, May 23, 2010

Group Show on Friday!

Hello all,
I've been included into a group show! The Opening (incase you can't read the small print on the post)
Is on:

Friday the 28th of May at 6-9pm

at Monstrosity Gallery
93 Bourke Street Woollomooloo

(You can access it from the stairs near the AGNSW
or just by going down Bourke street)
You can find more information about the gallery here

I'll be showing a new never been seen charcoal work in this exhibition!
and after the opening I'll put up some process images!

I look forward to seeing you this friday!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Experimental portrait

I've finally worked out some sort of routine/area for my art making at home! Losing my studio space at University was sad sad time for me, and to help me get over it I snuck back into University and decided to use some unmarked territory as my own. Alas all good things must come to an end, and I am now resigned to working at home.

After a few trial and errors I have finally found a way to fit my messy practice into my small apartment. I will post hilarious images of my canvas' sitting on my bath tub later. At the moment I am jumping between my bedroom, living room table (aka easel and stool in one) and my couch side table depending on the medium I am using. And at the moment I am using a few. After countless arguments about the benefits of working charcoal on paper VS canvas I have conceded to see how the other side lives. (The other side lives in a sucky part of town. Canvas all the way.)

I will admit that a deliciously smooth surface does await the paper user, but so will large framing costs.

Paper has been very friendly towards inks however (though I've used those with canvas as well) and I have been playing around with mixed media especially after being inspired by Matt Huynh work and solo show (happening on the 1rst of June!) I've posted my favourite piece above, it's a mixture of inks and acrylics on paper.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unwary transport-riding victims for my pen

Someone I managed to capture in decent detail on the bus.

I love sleeping subjects, they don't move around much and you are free to openly stare at them when drawing.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Exhibitions I've made it to recently

Close up of below

Art gallery of New South Wales

Here are a few inspiring exhibitions I've been to recently as well a couple great galleries I've stumbled across.

4A deals in contemporary Asian art, it was hosting a great show with Aris Prabawa while I was there (images above). It's a beautiful space practically opposite Capitol theatre. They are also holding an Animation competition for anyone interested.

White Rabbit is one of the largest private collections of contemporary Chinese Art (I'd say in the World but I don't know enough rich people to check, but at the very least definitely Australia) Three floors of gorgeous art with a cute teahouse on the ground floor. The collection gets changed twice a year so plenty of time to wander on down and check it all out. (Image of Cang Xin's work)

I'm sure everyone knows the AGNSW.
The Archibald Portrait prize, the Wynne and the Sulman-which I have to sat was particularly good this year-finish on the 30th of May. (The above image comes from Martin Ball's entry) Art Express is also on, although I didn't make it there and an enjoyable (free!) mish mash of young contemporary Australian artists in the exhibit called Wilderness can be found upstairs.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Here's a little shot of my notebook journal a loose collections of scribblings, notes, ideas and rough sketches of people I see on the train. I usually am too afraid to mar my precious moleskin with unplanned or long dedicated images so I like to carry this little A6 journal around for scrap notation. Very handy and I find that I enjoy doing and having these little doodles as well as making little proofs of visual ideas I would otherwise forget.

Long time coming

I've let things slip a bit with uploading, but I have a few long winded projects I am attempting to finish so there have been less small illustrations and sketches. Here is just a quick sketch I completed in April of a cafe in Paddington next to Dinosaur designs