Monday, September 10, 2012

Sheffer and ongoing work

Here are just some shots of the salon style install I did for Sheffer Gallery.  Very fond of this surprisingly.  I'm still keen on installation works and the marriage between 2D elements and display units but this was really effective and got a lot of positive feedback on it.  The possible premise being that a lot of my installation units are low, therefore requiring people to bend down to look at the detail of the faux photographs.  With some basic research I think we can say people don't like bending when they don't have to.  It also explains why my work was so popular with children and toddlers in previous exhibitions.  It looks like something for them, being so short and easy to access.  Always lovely to learn some things about viewing and the way people experience artwork.  As well as thinking of the embodied spectator according to ages.

Following that are a couple of in progress shots from work in the same series.  It doesn't show up well but I'm quite excited about this because its Sparkly!  The background noise is made up by a 'silver' pastel that has a nice grey and glittery tone. (So exciting)  I'm also really fond of this image because at one stage it looked like one of the little boys was bursting into flame.  Kind of in the Marvel tradition of Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch, but as a boy in the burbs.  (Please forgive my nerd-out.)