Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Solo Show!

I'm having an exhibition from the 9th to the 21rst of October at galleryeight!
This is my first solo and I am very excited and nervous
so please join me for drinks on Opening night:

the 9th of October,
from 6-9pm
at galleryeight
8 Argyle Place

galleryeight is open Thursdays to Sundays 12-6pm
but you might get lucky on some of the other days.

This show will be a collection of my charcoal works,
for more hints head over to my website,
but come meet them and me in person,
we're much more interesting in the 3D world.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guess which one mis-registered?

For all you out there that missed my glorious prints at the Spring Fair: shame on you!
But I forgive, to show my forgiveness here's a sample of some of my work that was on sale.

There is just a single elephant per print, but I really ended up loving my dodge print and wanted to show it off. My little elephant on the right is out by several centimeters but he has become my favourite out of the bunch.

The original image was penned in at the Singapore zoo, where a lovely elephant repeated this pose several times to snack on some artificially elevated bananas.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spring Fair! This Saturday!

The time has come again for Spring Fair!

Student and graduates of cofa bring out their wares for sale in a crazy, colourful market carnival set in cofa. There are also exhibitions, live dj's, tours, festival food and demonstrations. Even if you are broke and can't buy any art come for the free demonstrations!

I recommend the printing demonstrations. Michael Kempson will be doing a print run of professional artists' work throughout the day, working with the etching press. It's wonderful to see the before and after of prints, and if you run into the images again in some gallery you can boast that you were there when they were being made.

I will also be around and about in the printing studio, talking about printing and selling some of my own work, so come find me!

For anyone wondering where and what cofa is, it's an Art University residing in Sydney, Paddington, at the Corner of Oxford St and Greens Rd.

Spring Fair starts at 10am until 4pm
this saturday, 19th of September

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ariel from across the street

I was actually sitting across the street in Berkelouw when I drew this and it really killed my eyes. I think I need to get my glasses checked. There was so much colour in that store that I would have to pause and try distinguish what was what every few minutes. It didn't help that there were about three panes of glass distorting things slightly (two of them in Berkelouw) Nonetheless pretty happy with how it all came out. Rough scale on image size: 12 x 7 cm.

Aboutlife: The organic cafe/grocery store that ate Macro

My favourite thing about this place is that they have little shopping trolleys for kids, also they have cute red plastic flags attached to them. So if you loose sight of your child as you are forcing them to move your groceries around you can find them easily again. Unfortunately I saw no child labour while having my fair trade coffee.

Gloria Jeans

Two people behind me were having the most painful impromptu speed dating session ever. It began with the guy pulling out the 'dating for dummies' book and asking the girl if she had read it. It went downhill from there. I would have liked to do a little bit more of the cafe, but I couldn't draw and block my ears at the same time so I left.

Max Brener again

Again haven't been keeping up the blog, which means there will be a large clump of images and then a dry spell. Kind of like those healthy but tasty breakfast cereals-there are these amazing crunchy nutty honey filled berry bits of sweet things that make the rest of cereal taste good. But you get them all melded together into this little ball of goodness, or just search for them when you first open the packet and then feel angry and disappointed when finishing off the rest of the box.

Well I will try not let that happen, and keep up with images and info so that there is an even nutritious diet of visuals. After all 4 out of 5 doctors recommend consuming several small pictorial meals a day rather than one large binge. With your health in mind I will try harder to go to coffee shops and chocolate shops to eat and draw.