Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pictures from 'The Final Word' Honours Exhibition

Just a few shots of the final installations and some close ups of the work I made for my Honours year at the College of Fine Art in Sydney.  The Honours year was both a horrible and wonderful experience, which not only pushed me to up the ante with my drawing skills but opened me up to a more cross disciplinary practice.  The works themselves evolved from charcoal drawings to drawing/painting hybrids on primed or bare zinc plates, which are usually used for printmaking.  They're displayed on a motley crew of made and pre-manufactured tables, shelves and boxes.

All the hard work and tears were rewarded at the end with a fantastic exhibition and I was proud to be among such talented emerging artists.  A Big Thanks to everyone who came and supported me during the Opening Night and the Open day last Friday, as well as the many who supported me throughout the year.  This work will hopefully see the light of day again next year with some careful planning and good applications to Artist Run Initiatives.  It is also an ongoing project which might eventually push my practice further into installation, and into live performance and interactive artwork.  So far I've gotten two private commissions on the drawings, which signals a jump from working with found photographs to very intimate possessions, something I am both looking forward to as well as being a bit intimidated by.  At the moment however I'm really looking forward to my new website.  Chris Ross is designing a new cleaner and clearer look to go along with my new body of work.  Once I've documented my work the website will be able to flesh out, but you can still see the new and improved version now, which has to be one of the sexiest skeleton sites around.  Go take a Look.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

End of Year Exhibition: The Final Word

The Final Word

Friday 18th November

This is the culmination of a year's practice-based research for BFA students at The College of Fine Arts.  It is my end of year show, and I am proud to be a part of such a fantastic exhibition containing stellar contemporary art from young emerging artists.  Please come along and immerse yourself in various installations, drawings, paintings, sculpture and photography.

11am to 5pm

540 George Street 
on the 6th and 7th Floor 
at the 'Woolworths Building at Town Hall'