Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I seem to have quite a large backlog of cafe drawings that I haven't brought out yet, most of them done in Singapore when I had free time (I can almost remember what it was like to have free time).  Drawing in Sydney doesn't seem to happen too often mostly because I either feel like 

a)    I should be doing something productive  
b)    If I'm not working I should be spending time with my friends
c)    If I'm drawing it should be for my Honours Project
d)    Coffee and food is so expensive! Why are you spending money?! You're Broke! Stop doing drawings that require you  
to spend money!

I also intermittently get the horrible drowning feeling of despair when I'm drawing and I think the drawing is not going well.  Then I look at the clock and realize that its taken me an hour to do a bad drawing.  Drawing takes a long time.  I always seem to forget how long it takes.  It's usually worth it in the end, and I have some saving techniques up my sleeve when it gets into crunch time for finishing (this is usually when the guilt of not doing something productive and the urgent need to pee nudges my concern for the picture out of the way)

Horrible drawings seem more frequent in Sydney.  Detailed and enjoyable drawings usually populate my Holiday time, so I'll be scrounging around in my backlog for more drawings from Singapore and Melbourne soon!