Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Group Show in Gaffa Gallery 29th Jan

Hello all,
This is a group show I'm a part of that's happening on the 29th of Jan
6-8pm at Gaffa Gallery, Sydney.
free wine and possibly free magazines from Frankie
unfortunately I won't be there, being in another country...
But hopefully you guys can show up for me.

After the show is up I'll be posting some before/progress images
Cheers jessb

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tea for me.

I've become interested in Chinese decorative arts again. My short visits to Singapore do that. And I find it rather depressing that there isn't some larger influence of Chinese art in my work, especially since Chinese art is so big right now-although people say that bubble is bursting...
So to try remedy my Asian-less-ness art I've been trying to sketch out Chinese porcelain lying around the house. This one being the spare coin dish, of which I couldn't be bothered to draw in the coins.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

cafe sketch

Another sketch from coffee Bean.

biro is best

Though I'm not entirely in love with this image I am in love with biro. It's cheap, it doesn't leak all over the page or in my bag or melt in my hand like other pens-especially fountain pens!
and most of all it can achieve shades and tones unlike other pens.
also its cheap...
So there is my little fan-girl promo on biro,
hopefully you too will pick up this humble pen and draw in your books and margins

Cafe Sketches

These are just some biro drawings in site in a cafe.