Sunday, November 22, 2009


Old photographs have a certain quality about them, colours don't go pixel crazy in a horrible fluro of grey noise the same way they do in digital photographs. It might have been that before I moved to digital my photograph taking abilities were much higher. But what's more likely is = Film just turned out better.

So what if digital was much cheaper and more distribution friendly? I miss the old days of tearing open my packet of developed film in rabid excitement and sorting through my ill-lit and unfocussed crap to find a few good photographs. Those good photographs were amazing.

But really the whole process was much too expensive.

So now I opt for digging through other people's photographs. I found this set in an Antique and second hand store. These are just a few of my favourites. I'll add more when I finish scanning them in.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

i draw naked people

This is a small collection of the naked people I have drawn and or painted. They come from different projects based on fluidity or tone or abstraction but one magical thing ties them all together. Nakedness. Sadly enough it isn't as the posters say. Nude models do not need to be attractive. All that is required of them is the willingness to shed clothes and be directed into various awkward and revealing positions.

You might say that this is easy, hell you might be the god-blessed sort of person who likes to shimmy down to the buff every friday night after a few stubbies at the local bar. You're probably thinking 'Hey, being paid to be naked and stand still sounds good to me!' But I hope you've been taking your advanced yoga lessons, your mind-over-matter courses, and have a lot of self esteem.

Showing up to work to be butt naked (while sober) in winter (with no heating) while a bunch of people stare at your member (do not think sexy thoughts) and draw horribly ugly pictures of you (for hours...yes you need to be able to stand still for 15-30 minutes) is much harder than you think.

But if you do finally come to the conclusion that being a life model is the job for you,
I'll be seeing you.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


These are a few screen prints I completed recently for a University project. The brief was to make eight individual prints from the same screens. Hopefully forcing you into a more organic less rigid intuitive way of screen printing. Well I hated it for most part. Give me rigid frigid planning ahead any day. Nevertheless I liked a few of the prints that came out in the end and it was an interesting experience with interesting results.