Friday, July 31, 2009

Coffee Bean, Holland Village, Singapore


Starbucks at Wheelock, Singapore

Almost everyone I drew moved to a different seat or left.  Forcing me to sit strangers next to each other and composing new people by combining different limbs, heads, clothing and hair.  But I suppose this is what you get when you set up at a coffee shop.  No one can sit still any longer than a few seconds when on caffeine.  

My friend Nicky also sketched at the same spot,
check out her version here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Starbucks: Location Singapore, Orchard Rd, near wheelock

It feels wonderful to get back to sketching, and good to get back to a familiar spot you know won't close till the early AM. One of the things I dearly miss about singapore when I go to sydney is operating hours. However I can get a damn good coffee in sydney, which is very very rare in singapore. Instead we have kopi, which is the asian version, as well as ice kopi, which is the original ice-blended coffee! Take that Starbucks!

But I always come crawling back to these big coffee franchises, its the plush chairs and the fact that I don't get kicked out after ordering the cheapest thing on the menu and staying for 1-3 hours chilling out and drawing.

Singapore Tyler Print Institute

STPI is a famous printing studio/gallery/awesome place. This image wasn't in the main exhibition but I found it off to the side and was quite taken with it. For the techies out there it had shaped intaglio/etching plates, possibly printed twice, once with a colour roll and others with just etching or others with etching and aquatint. So there was a particular emboss on some image while others were on this massive bleedprint plate that were inked in different colours.


If you are ever in Singapore and printing inclined you should take a looksee, but be warned they sometimes close for days when taking down and putting up shows.

It's been a while...

Just a small update from my moleskin, I'm sorry for the lack of posts but I am visiting family back in Singapore and despite wireless being everywhere I have issues accessing it.
This is just a small look into my journal, one of my friends told me they felt their moleskin was inferior to everyone else's, since it was filled with to-do-lists. I reassured him that mine was full of maps, lists and phone numbers, as you can see to the right.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Waverley Art Prize

I've gotten into the Waverley Art Prize!
Here's hoping for a prize.
I unfortunately won't be in the country during the exhibition.
I wasn't even in the country for the hand-in of the work.
But thanks to the amazing powers of my fantastic friend Melanie
my work got delivered.

Thank You Mel!

Here are the details:

138 Bondi Road,
Bondi Road Art school

Wednesday 15 July
Opening night and presentation of prizes
from 6pm to 8pm

Thursday 16 July to Sunday 19 July
Exhibition open to the public from 10am to 4pm daily