Friday, July 31, 2009

Starbucks at Wheelock, Singapore

Almost everyone I drew moved to a different seat or left.  Forcing me to sit strangers next to each other and composing new people by combining different limbs, heads, clothing and hair.  But I suppose this is what you get when you set up at a coffee shop.  No one can sit still any longer than a few seconds when on caffeine.  

My friend Nicky also sketched at the same spot,
check out her version here.


  1. aw Jess its nice that you put a link to my page :) I feel special. But I think people are gonna like yours more. I like that you've coloured in that guy! blogspot is being really weird again, this time yours when I opened it up there is extra weird writing across the top where it should have your name?

  2. ...the only explanation is that your blogspot is haunted.
    what did the weird writing say?
    if it is asking for your soul say no.
    You are Special!
    you are a unique and beautiful snowflake.
    also I really like that one of yours,
    I am always jealous of your colourful blogs so I attempted to colour mine in. I cheated though and made the background all yellowish so I didn't need to colour everything separately.
    But I'm glad you like.
    I will try more colour in the near distant future

  3. awesome sketch. that should be on the wall of the cafe!
    i love that you didn't give up when your subjects kept changing, instead creating frankensteins of your experience at the cafe.

  4. hahahaha well I'm glad they didn't turn out monstrous but its wonderful to think of it that way! Thanks so much,
    also I am totally digging your heading with the typography.
    looking forward to more of you photographs as well!

  5. I like the way this turned out, but why is there no Licky-Nindsay monster?

  6. I drew you on a different day lindz,
    and how could I ever cross-visualize you two?
    I will look into adding you in the near distant future!