Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Smoking Woman at The Zoo


A quick drawing of a beautiful french woman smoking in an outdoor cafe. The thing that made me hastily bring out the sketchbook on this one is that she's partially obscured by a giant palm leaf plant in a shopping trolley. So with just a few tantalizing glimpses of her through the foliage I managed to capture the basics before her coffee and cigarette ran out.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Snap draw of my life

This is a full page spread of crazy squish happening. Its fun to have lists and notes on my life collide with images and doodles every now and again. Although they may not be as pretty to look at I really enjoy these pages just because they remind me of my concerns and living standards at particular times of my life.

New Cafe Blood for the drawing

close up below

Hello all!
Sorry for the long delay between posts. Unfortunately the space between doesn't allude to fantastic and amazing works being produced but actually the opposite. I've been having a lazy time this beginning of the year (I do know its the middle of the year already but I refuse to accept it), funnily enough I've found that almost everyone I've been talking to has said they're in a bit of a hiatus themselves. So either there is a natural phenomenon where productivity drops during the early (middle) months or productive people are staying away from me.

On the up side I found a new cafe which had a decent interior to sketch close to home! The coffee was alright, unfortunately the music was terrible and I had to leave soon after the image was done.

Another upside I will have to mention is my attendance at talks. There are a couple tips and comments that I found particularly helpful or interesting and I'll try post those as well as competitions and opportunities in the future.