Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tea for me.


  1. Oh my, talented-with-the-pen one! I, as well as the royal plural I shall use to refer to us all, think your sketching is awesome. Hell, I can't even -write- clearly with a biro, let alone draw. I've got the writing of a doctor (because who seriously, who really can ever read the writing on a script?) without the skills. I probably fart better than I draw. Did I just type that? Whoops.

    Ok, so that anecdote doesn't work so well in text compared to the not-so-accidentally-dropped-in-conversation-much-to-the-disgust-of-your-friends-and-family instances.

    Keep up ze dra(w)vinks!

  2. Hey Sam!
    I've been missing your painful-yet-so-funny-at-the-same-time comments!
    How is the royal plural? What has everyone one been up to?
    I'll be getting back in Feb and looking forward to more Smash Bros!

  3. Well Tom, I think, has been working and stuff but he's probably actually kept you up to date. Alex I know is enjoy the sights/sounds/unmentionables of the US, Kasen is working and checking up with old friends on the Gold Coast, Chris/s are, well, I'd say Lilyfield (that's Chris P) is doing what I'm doing, bumming and feeling utterly destroyed in the hole of town within which he resides. Chris W however is going to be living in Brisbane and not in Sydney this year.

    Other than that, I'm afraid I'm really clutching at straws. My sanity is relying around me getting a hold of season after season of random TV shows, and watching them enmasse! Why watch one episode, when you can watch an entire series in one day? Surely there's no better way! But, there is the light of an apartment on the horizon! With, get this, a built-in surround sound system. And I don't mean just some speakers hanging off the walls. I mean installed, in the roof. It's freaky.

    Anyway, off-topic much? Me, never. MOAR ART, k. I'll have to visit that gallery showing of yours. Liaise with Tom and others perhaps, if they're going.