Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spring Fair! This Saturday!

The time has come again for Spring Fair!

Student and graduates of cofa bring out their wares for sale in a crazy, colourful market carnival set in cofa. There are also exhibitions, live dj's, tours, festival food and demonstrations. Even if you are broke and can't buy any art come for the free demonstrations!

I recommend the printing demonstrations. Michael Kempson will be doing a print run of professional artists' work throughout the day, working with the etching press. It's wonderful to see the before and after of prints, and if you run into the images again in some gallery you can boast that you were there when they were being made.

I will also be around and about in the printing studio, talking about printing and selling some of my own work, so come find me!

For anyone wondering where and what cofa is, it's an Art University residing in Sydney, Paddington, at the Corner of Oxford St and Greens Rd.

Spring Fair starts at 10am until 4pm
this saturday, 19th of September


  1. sounds great. i will try to get there.

  2. Thanks! I'm sure you'll have a great time! It's a pretty active happy market festival thing, looking forward to possibly bumping into you!

    Also a new issue of Zing Tycoon is out, it's the Cofa free zine full of pretty pictures, mine included! There are only about 20 for this first print run so keep a look out.

  3. hey Jess ... i made it there and back and purchased one of your prints (girl standing under a branch, carly has named her Alice), but didn't spot you (not that i know what you look like in the 3d world). We should meet up for a sketch/coffee/exhibitiony thing sometime.

    Unfortunately i didn't read your reply prior to going so didn't know to look out for Zing Tycoon.

    Hope you sold loads of prints and can now retire on the profits to a quiet cafe after a wander through the art shop.

  4. Hey!
    no way! Thats so amazing, thank you for purchasing!
    there is nothing more inside tickling than seeing someone value your work with money. I was on the look out as well for people eyeing my prints, but I did take an extended lunch break so I might've missed you.

    Also it's awkward to go up to people looking at your work and say: That's mine!
    because then they are obliged to say nice things or feel pressured to buy. So me and the other printers stood in the corner giggling and nervously watching over our work.

    I also have no idea what you look like in 3D world either,
    but I would love to have coffee + draw some time :)

    I have also managed to get a solo show this october,
    haven't told too many people, because I'm trying to get an invite together, but why keep it a secret right?
    It's on the 9th, a friday,
    and its of my B&W charcoal stuff...not too much on the blog.

    Would love it if you came!
    but otherwise,
    thank you so much for coming today,
    and for buying my print,
    I hope you had a lovely day today, and enjoyed the rest of the fair!

    jess b