Friday, September 11, 2009

Ariel from across the street

I was actually sitting across the street in Berkelouw when I drew this and it really killed my eyes. I think I need to get my glasses checked. There was so much colour in that store that I would have to pause and try distinguish what was what every few minutes. It didn't help that there were about three panes of glass distorting things slightly (two of them in Berkelouw) Nonetheless pretty happy with how it all came out. Rough scale on image size: 12 x 7 cm.


  1. Like Nighthawks! well done Jess. :) its a great ILLO. <-- :P I put mine up too. Go look go look go look! i love you

  2. i love nighthawks...edward hopper is a visual dreamboat,
    but YES! i shall go look at yours!
    love you