Sunday, April 12, 2009

A cafe not like the others

I've been to cafe's and bookstores
and cafe bookstores, or bookstore cafes,
I've also been to cafe-flower stores
cafe art galleries, art gallery cafes
cafe bars and cafe stalls.

But until today I have never been in a bicycle shop cafe.

I have to admit I had a terrible chai and a strong coffee, 
but I got some of the best cafe eavesdropping I've had in a while.
Also good music, and my dad owns a bicycle store so I'm biased towards the environment.

Also random fact:
the barista of bar bici, and one of the bike mechanics went to COFA (art university in Sydney) I am studying at now.

Though back then it was called something different.

I've run into other ex-COFA's while on-site drawing.

The barista and general cafe-man Richard at Luxe Espresso (Bondi Junction cafe)
also studied there. 

Below is an image of Luxe, with terrible terrible photoshop colouring-I did it a year ago.
And below below that are some images of the mural I did at their cafe of their cafe.

Sorry no wide angle lens = no half-decent image of the mural.
It's a lovely cafe, with the best giant oatmeal cookies and cupcakes I have ever had,
Also while I was doing the mural, another ex-COFA:
the very modest co-founder of Dinosaur designs.
Was in having snacks with her daughter.

Ex-cofa's are everywhere! 

Though out of the statistics it looks like I should start learning how to make coffee...


  1. I showed my head of department your blog and he really liked your on site sketching! He said you are very good at drawing. So there you go! Tutor love from across the world!

  2. Oh my god!
    I should hire you as my PR manager / advertiser person...

    It is so nice to have some love,
    even that from across the globe,
    or perhaps that is even better!

    I'll try to keep up on-site sketching
    but its difficult with all the big projects and homework due!

    love you nicky!