Friday, April 24, 2009

Illustration Friday: impossibility

At first for this illustrations friday I was going to do something with Escher's impossible landscapes and shapes, my particular favourite is everyone bounding about in a spiderman fashion on 360 degree stairs.

But I decided that was a bit boring, and played around with finding your way around impossible spaces.  Someone mentioned GPS and I found my image.

Originally I was going to have someone holding a faulty map trying to get somewhere but I prefer the lack of negotiation you can get with a machine.  A map will never tell you where to go, it just shows you the roads and lets you mess up by yourself.  GPS, google maps and my friend hannah are didactic minions of hell! (I'm joking I love you google maps! ... oh and you too Hannah)

Machines will not take no for an answer, or 'wait I think there has been construction since you last updated because there is a park in the way of this do I get to the place I want to go now?'
It is either "TURN LEFT AND WALK 50 FEET UNTIL REACH DESTINATION" or you turn the thing off.

So there is my impossible: impossible instructions.

I also added a 'start' similar to those you get in little puzzles, just to emphasize the drawing style of the buildings and the maze like quality of the city. 

(and record time! 4 hours!)


  1. very cool.:)


  2. thanks darcy and maya!

    I hope to have more "cool" and "clever" images for you in the future...


  3. I had to look up the meaning of the word didactic...