Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Walk the Line: New Australian Drawing

A favourite past-time of mine is to draw (copy) for memory.  Actually my on-site sketches started off more as diary entrees than finished works.  But apart from those I often copy inspiring images, especially at gallery's (which do not allow photographs).  

By copying you focus much more intently on the image, more so than just taking a photo or looking.  It's more of a searching.  I always feel like learning how to draw is similar to learning how to see.  

The same way an engineer or a photographer will be aware of different things: underlying structures, the amount and type of light etc, so too will you become more aware of how an image works and was made.  I guess everyone picks up on the different reasons and qualities inherent in things.  Even within the arts, someone might be more disposed to colour while another to structure.

For me drawing helps me understand both physical space as well as 2D composition.  By copying you can see the reasons behind the visual choices, you also start to see the image as a set of processes.  

For you photoshoppers out there its similar to considering how many layers an image has and what order they needed to be placed in.   

Anyway thats enough of me rambling, above are just some copies from the Drawing show at the MCA.

The show is on till the 24th of May, and is worth the visit.

I am in love with Laith McGregor.  Everyone needs to watch his video 'Maturing'.

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