Sunday, April 12, 2009


A lot of people have issues with pigeons, 
I personally find them very beautiful.  They are also very abundant and will usually hang around in one spot when not disturbed.  Perfect drawing subject.

I have also included a seagull, 
I hate seagulls
they are very aggressive unhappy birds.
But my friends at art school call me the seagull due to my devouring skills at gallery openings.
I can't help it,
I love cheese and dip.

So I'll just pretend that I have an affinity to the bird 
due to my namesake.   


  1. Jess! Colour in your sketchbook! I am so impressed. I haven't been sketching in so long because I feel too intimidated and pressurised to perform. "What pressure?" You may ask. "From whom?" -i don't know. the person inside my head. It's one of those things where the longer you leave it the harder it is to do.. and I haven't gone in 2 weeks so I have 2 weeks worth of pressure now. I really should stop writing you mini emails on your blog.

    Love nicky xxx

  2. Buwhahahaha!
    dear god I was like...sjoerd? you sketch?
    well you think you know someone! and you sound so familiar with me...though it is true we hit it off when you came down to singapore...and you sound so much like nicky! Man couples really do become similar after a while...

    oh wait.

    No pressure! Draw whenever you want!
    I watched 5 hrs of movies yesterday!
    Please don't think I am working!

    also I don't care if you email me via blog,
    some is better than none.
    also noone else looks at my blog/comments
    so we can say whatever we want! Even more privacy than facebook! which sends your messages to other people.

    Love jess