Monday, December 28, 2009

A little late but better than never

Some images get lost along the way, they get buried under a pile of other things like deadlines or little doodles and simply never see the light of internet. I have a small collection of these...most of them half finished. If I have a new years resolution it is to get all my stuff out there and not leave it sitting on my desktop for months. Thankfully this one only got delayed by a day due to scanning lag.

I had great fun with the middle girl's shoes but she was a constant fidget! Which resulted in the plethora of hands. Her friend was slightly more subdued but I still managed to get three variations from her. But by the time I got to my third person I thankfully found a very calm and stationary uncle. Thank you to all the people who study, read and use the 'free internet' at coffee shops. You are the best drawing subjects.

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