Friday, January 15, 2010

New Pen, old subject

I've bought a new pen! It's a brush tip pen from copic and I'm having some fun with mark making that isn't as easy or as rewarding with my fine tipped biro. I originally didn't like brush tip pens, convinced that they couldn't give a range of line widths or have nice delicate little lines without the horrible hand shake visible.

I liked the idea of them, and I enjoyed seeing what others were doing with them (Matt Huynh!) but when it came down to using them results were never encouraging.

Until I realized my mistake!

I have been using large brush tip pens. Large brush tips do have a fine point but they need a very careful and experienced hand to find them, which I don't have. Smaller brush tips have a more delicate line, making those quick thin marks accessible while still have some weight and fluidity to the longer and thicker lines.

So I had a little play with both, messing around in this image with another way of describing hair, and the chairs I know and love down at coffee bean.

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