Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Double Spread: going back to classics

(Close up)

In my final spread I decided to put away the ink pen and my little muji biro (mostly because the biro ran out of ink) and return to some drawing with my traditional linework. It's a slightly more usual layout with lines in the horizon meeting and perspective working its magic on size. But I wanted a slightly more literal image of my favourite Starbucks in Singapore to finish my mostly 2009 moleskin with.

Another way I got to finish off the year nicely was to get into a NOISE curation. Noise is an online international creative community. It's a great way to show off your work if you don't have a full website portfolio, and even if you do it's nice to have anyway. It's similar to deviant art or flikr, except you can add news/events/information on a general forum page. As well as spotting interesting jobs/opportunities/& art prizes that go up by the Noise crew. I got three pieces into the New on Noise: December 2009 curation, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Here's my spot in Noise, come take a look.


  1. I like this one. Where is my facebook love? I feel no love from you. Do you really think per square inch of book I fill more then you? I think this image is prime example of excellent balance between squish and space.

  2. Ah but this was my last page. LAST PAGE! so I decided to be extra squishy. I was thinking of stopping after I drew all the people: no background, no couches.

    Also where I stopped working was also influenced by my need to pee. Desperately. I hate how Starbucks doesn't have a bathroom. What ordinary drinking establishment wouldn't have one?

    But thank you on your nod towards my squish/space balancing technique. And there is facebook love waiting for you.