Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going nuts on photoshop

Surrounded by so much black and white will have me go nuts every now and again. Such example above. Why are there explosions of colour shooting across this calm idyllic cafe scene? Who knows. It might have something to do with residual anger towards the central newspaper reading man for his acrobatic leaps in position. Or it might have something to do with me being recently addicted to MGMT's 'electric feel' and Cut copy's 'Lights & Music'.

Explanations aside for my light-show mood I hope you enjoy this brief stint outside of Kansas.


  1. i like being outside Kansas.
    are you back in oz yet? coffee?

  2. Hey Rhys!
    nope still in singapore
    but I'll be looking forward to that coffee when i come back!
    hows you and the gang going? Still artying about?
    hope things are going good!

    Thanks for the thumbs up,
    will try visit non-kansas more often!


  3. I like this! So very 80's! You should do more crazy photoshop angry colour darts. Are you sure it was angry and not just a sugar high? I love you

  4. wow! overall thumbs up!
    alright it's decided, will attempt more angry colour darts in the future!
    love you too sweety

  5. hopefully the artying about will start again in feb. I'm just getting my head back around real life again :)
    i am yet to dip a brush this year. which either means i have not inspiration or no time ... i hope its the time one!