Saturday, December 19, 2009

Experimental sketches

I decided to try something a little different with my last cafe sketch and added a dash of painting to the mix. Recently some other friends/artists I know have been working on mixed media, like Matt Huynh. Although I must say he combines his wet and dry mediums in a slightly more interesting manner. But nonetheless I felt inspired to try as well.

Part of me likes this image,
and another part isn't too sure.

I overworked the left hand section near the front man's head. But there are still parts I really love. Like the woman in the sari, the lead up of the stools to the girl typing and the various lamps. Hopefully next time there will be a more significant ratio.

Location: Singapore, Vivo, Pacific Coffee Company (not so great coffee...)


  1. I like the highlights on the typing girl's hands/arms, and the texture of the slightly patchy wall washing. The dude in the foreground has really realistic hair!

  2. Hey Sweety,
    you're the only one so far who likes the typing girl's hands.
    Everyone is like...was she wearing gloves?
    no...I just wanted to paint her hands blue...
    Anyway tres busy at the mo,
    but up for more gaming/climbing in future?


    p.s. I'm looking at buying a wacom
    any suggestions?