Monday, December 7, 2009

Things I've been up to

I've been fairly quiet about what's been happening to me so far so I'm just giving a quick update. I've been discovered! by Blanket, an amazing online magazine. I entered some of my black and white work for the appropriately titled black and white issue. I've also been in a curated group exhibition at the Kudos Gallery again imaginatively titled 'Kudos'. No prizes but a little birdie told me that the judges did like my work. :)
And a few weeks ago, in time for the Spring Fair at Cofa (college of fine arts) I made a small free zine with a few friends helped out by Cofa's amazing double page + stapling printer.


  1. Hey Jess, great to hear your scoring goals. Awesome that you have been discovered, but we've all known that you rock for ages.
    If you're free before you head back OS lets catch up for coffee with sketch books!

  2. Hey Rhys,
    thanks for the praise!
    but its just a little show in a big magazine,
    need to work more!
    sorry to inform but I'm already in sunny singapore
    but we will definitely have to catch up when I get back!
    Happy holidays