Monday, March 8, 2010


Ran out of places to go the other day, as cafes and shops started closing around 4 or so, and I had no time to sit and draw to contentment. So I opted for the Westfields' food court. The nice one. I got coffee from the coffee, tea and all cakes known to man store. Not from Chili & Spice, which would be a lovely name for a cafe, but is instead a Indian restaurant. And which, I just noticed, I misspelt as Chill & Spice, which would still be a fairly nice name for a cafe.

The coffee nonetheless was enjoyable. However be warned. The giant oatmeal, raisin, nut cookies are not as delicious as they seem. If you are in the mood head down to the luxe cafe instead and you will be rewarded. Their cupcakes are also better. (And you can see my mural!)

Also if you are in a baklava mood do not purchase from the kebab store! The baklava is expensive, dry and not syrupy enough. It is a long walk but there is a wonderful little nuts and everything shop near the coles supermarket. They are floating in the center of the mall and have $1.50 baklava pieces that taste amazing but don't make you feel ill afterwards.

If you have any recommendations for me, for coffee or cake, please pass on the love!

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