Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blast from the Past

While going through my stack of 'inspirationals', which amounts to a giant pile of photocopies, clippings and things I pick off the street, I stumbled across these wonderful educational children's magazines. They follow the alphabet in a general encyclopedia method and are littered with old school photographs and illustrations. How did this little gem of the 1970s find its way into my possession?

Well a few years ago one of my friend's decided to clear up her room and redecorate. In the usual high school girl fashion we all got very excited and came over sleep over style to help out. Some point during this little event, the magazines changed hands. I'm pretty sure the original owner was Jess Whiting, who's up in Brisbane now working in the management and curation side of the Arts. She had brought them over collage materials, but in the end they were spared the scissors and I convinced her to give them to me.

There are several other excerpts and delightful covers but instead of making an annoying giant post I just decided to put the rest in my flickr account. You can find them, and other scavenged, stolen and found images, here


  1. Yay:) Courtesy of my nan!

  2. These are awesome - why haven't you shown these to me?