Friday, March 20, 2009

Illustration Friday: Legendary

Unfortunately I ran out of time and as I 'speak' I am fearful of the night guard kicking me out of the University computer lab.  But unlike my first Illustration Friday attempt: Climb, this one actually made the time limit without a piece of technology around me disintegrating.  

I'll probably come back later to this piece and work some more color into it.  Especially the fish, right now with everything else white it looks okay. But I would prefer if it if it was harder to spot the fish, or harder to see when fish ends and water begins; to kind of play with the notion of how big the fish really is.

In this version with it's body continuing around the fishermen it is bluntly implying that the fish is in fact huge.  But with its lower body camouflaged it could just seem as if the fish is in the foreground, and just looks larger.  That was my intended concept, but even if it didn't fall out the way I wanted I am still happy with the overall composition.

If you don't understand what the image is about (I guess its a cultural thing) it's about the ever famous 'One that got away'.  It seems to be an overriding theme for people to swear on their mothers that they saw and/or almost caught a fish "THIS BIG".  And I wanted to play with that more domestic or local legendary aspect rather than the usual: Robin Hood and King Arthur.  

Little bits I missed out: I forgot to add the name of the boat on the prow: Loch Ness.  Just a little bit of fun. 

And for a final comment I was going for: Jillian Tamaki / Yuko Shimizu /Matt Huynh look 

All very very talented amazing people! Their links are here on my blog.  Matt has just come back from an Internship with Jillian Tamaki and is a recognised artist/comic writer/illustrator down here in Oz.

Time taken to 'finish' this work: 6 - 11:32pm (not including conceptual drafting)
Number of times I said fish in this post: 7


  1. This is a really fun picture--What a great way to show their exaggerated stories. I love the line techniques.

  2. Thank you so much!
    Its lovely getting comments like yours,
    and the line work was pretty much
    what I was focussing on in this image!


    I know this sounds absolutely silly
    but how can I take a look at your blog?
    (I am still working out how to use this amazing
    system called technology, and any hints and helps
    for helping me get around would be most


  3. Great husband would like this one. Nice work!

  4. Great drawing, wonderful linework and dynamics.
    I also enjoyed reading your post... superb rendering!

  5. Thanks and thanks again!
    I'm glad you liked reading the post and not just looking at the images

    I will hopefully doing more work along this line
    since I've gotten good feedback on it


  6. Jono likes. I'm writing this comment in the car on the way to Byron and it's making me feel nauseous.

  7. love it.

    also reminds me of this guy's work


  8. Hey Thaumos,

    thanks for the link!
    and thanks for the compliment,

    I really like the image you added,
    it has great flow and composition.
    Though I have to say it has better
    photoshop colouring than mine!

    More things to work on.

    Jess b