Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Illustration Friday...almost

Above is a 'final' drawing I made for Illustration Friday, the concept was "climbing". Sadly my computer imploded and I wasn't able to add on time. But I'm still glad I got off my ass and did some Illustrating.

This is my final sketch for the concept, I kept pretty tight with this image. I particularly liked the pencilling and just tried to replicate the marks I made in this in the final.
Tracing paper helped.

This is just an earlier sketch where I was trying to figure what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to include snakes and ladders for the climbing concept, as well as monkeys. So I just tried various little compostitions till I was happy.


  1. Imploded? Oh noes!

    Well, the work you did for this is great anyway. I love being able to see the different stages you went through, helps illuminate how you artist-kinds think and progress. Sorta like how I go through draft essays, I guess.

  2. sadly yes imploded...if you can suggest a good new laptop that would be good...someone said HP-business not personal-laptop, then someone else said NOOOOOO DON'T GET HP, get dell! Then the original person was like dell? why dell? So clunky and unreliable... Lets not even get into the Mac debate.

    But yes implosion aside sketching is like drafting your essay, you know your thesis, you visually brainstorm your ideas, then you work out paragraph flow = composition. And the final stage is like checking spelling and grammar... ah the creative field.

    Although my flatmate always likes to tell me that he works with pictures and words in his essays...therefore is better than I am:

    "I have 45 graphs in Miiiine! And more in the appendix!"

    I live with a nerd, he is great.

  3. Haha. I hate graphs, but they do make a pointy point thing. ALSO! Do NOT get a Dell. They explode, which unlike an implosion tends to burn the work you DON'T have on computer. Sony is what my current laptop is, VAIOs are a bit more expensive but you pay for robustness and reliability and somethingsomething.

    And Macs, well. You going to be using PS or that video editing tool much? If not, they're a bit like a fashion model. (Tom'll hate me for this) All look, no real work function.