Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Attempts at colour pencil

I have never gotten along very well with colour pencil. Even now I am not able to beat a 5 yr old on terms of shading and blending colours.
I'm not even comfortable changing B/W into colour. It always ends in tears. Mine.
But I've had a year of my Uni teachers telling me: Have you thought about adding colour? ...just a bit, how about a wash? a pale yellow? You could just try one colour...anything.
So I decided to give colour a try. Especially since my friends bought me expensive colour pencils for my birthday.


  1. Well it's obvious from the right-hand corner face that you're getting better, no matter how many 5-year olds and/or tears are involved.

    I quite like it, actually. Has a 1940s/50s feel to it with the hair, suit and glasses. The blue in the eyes stands out nicely, the slight color mixed with black and white on the edges is effective too, intentionally done or not. Though, I'm still a bit like a blind man playing cricket when it comes to art, heh.

  2. awwww... blind man playing cricket has grown up and is...wait I am so bad with metaphors...

    sam you've got great eyes with what I've been up to! very perceptive, although I assume in your line of work that is a must. Ya guy on the right is one of my fav's...I was going for spiderman peter parker but what you've said sounds so much nicer.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys! Getting back soon!

  3. Well, keep up the awesome work. :D

    Speaking of work, I just completed a senior first aid thingy. Making me.. uh.. slightly more qualified than I was before. At saving LIVES! Ha-ha. Responsibility.

    Anyway! Can't wait till you get back, we'll all do stuff. Rawr.