Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Honours Half Way House work

These are some shots of my work hanging in Halfway House courtesy of Kristone, a fellow Honour's exhibiter and charcoal wielder.  The works themselves are drawings made of charcoal and other dry media on primed zinc plate.  I've burnished and filed down some edges so you can see the metal peeking through the metal primer and the gesso but its pretty subtle.  

The works were pretty hard to deal with due to their size, none of them bigger than 8cm or so, but it was the shelves that were truly torturous.  Finding right angled wood that I could purchase straight from a hardware store turned out to be much harder than anticipated.  So I'm very glad I got the time to run through it madly when setting up for the Jenny Birt exhibition two weeks prior.  

There are some things you can only learn about your work when installing it.  Since I needed to prime the metal, the zinc sheets could and often did pass as paper.  Me and my Honour's Supervisor agreed that if treated like an object viewers would realize it wasn't paper.  So putting it on a plinth or on a shelf rather than straight onto the wall was an important consideration on how the work would be received.  Unfortunately during the Jenny Birt show I realized my work looks terrible on a plinth.  Just one of those things which isn't obvious until its too late.  Thankfully though it left me with enough knowledge on how to tackle the hanging at the next show.  

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