Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring Fair~!

This year's spring fair has been moved to another location because CoFA is currently under development and half of the school is closed for demolition. The Spring Fair (renamed Awfully Nice Markets) no longer sits in the artist community in Paddington but is relocating to the main campus of UNSW. Other than the space and the name business is as usual and so you can expect the same art and design fair of handmade artworks, jewellery, clothes, ceramics, paintings and prints. I've put a little selection of printed goodies that I'm going to be selling on the day to whet the appetite. Come along to see and purchase more!

The exact location is:

UNSW, in Kensington
The Commerce Courtyard, (near the library)
Oppo The CBD (I don't know what that stands for)
in Upper Campus, the side closest to Botany Street
Closest Gates are 9 & 8 on High Street

If That doesn't help you there will be signs and 'yellow shirts' pointing you our way,
as well as a whole cheese plater of other information as
UNSW's Open day for future students is happening at the same time.
That being said there will be information about CoFA courses and degrees
but to get some insider information strike up some conversation with students selling their work!


  1. I love the one with kids wearing masks in the woods. So sad I could get the last one today. Can you let me know once you have a new one? Thanks

  2. Hi Dawei,

    Thank you so much for being interested in (and wanting to buy!) my work. It was a shame I didn't make more of them but it was a tiny edition of 5 works. The person who put down a deposit didn't collect it at the end of the day and if he doesn't come forward in the next couple of weeks I can sell you that work.

    If not I will be making another edition of the same image but in a different colour to make it a separate edition. (So perhaps a blue black)

    This work was also at the second stage and I will be pushing the plate into a third stage in the next few months which means the image will change slightly and there will be another edition of those.

    If you send me an email with your name and what you were interested in I will keep you updated on how the work progresses!

    Thank you very much
    and I hope you had a good day at the markets too!

    Jess B