Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love is in the air

It's nearly Spring! or it is Spring! I come from a tropical island without seasons so I'm not the best source of information on this. But I feel like the weather is becoming beach friendly. Nevertheless I managed to snuggle down with a friend at Bad Manners (spelt Badde Manors) down at Glebe to have a nice warm fizzing mug of cider. Awesome. Also got a quick sketch on of these two love birds who are gave off the Spring couple-y vibe. So cute! I've tried to catch the millions of ways they managed to hold hands while a poor neglected carrot cake sat forgotten between them. (They still hadn't eaten it when we left)


  1. this is ADORABLE.

    and is someone hanging from the ceiling?

  2. no...that would be a very bizzare decoration. Or one of those things that is an indicator of my mental health. The reality is I ran out of space to draw her legs and thought I could just add it to the top and no one would notice...Darn you Nerissa!