Friday, August 7, 2009


If anyone has been paying attention they will know of my love affair with the biro.
My favourite sketching medium. However recently I've been having colour pangs, especially after looking at the sketchbooks and prints of joseph Lambert. But now I can have my cake and eat it too, I have discovered and purchased coloured biro's!

In the super friendly colours of green, pink and purple they are wonderfully cheap and still act like biro's should.
I unfortunately bought a crappy purple pen so purple won't be showing up anytime soon.
But pink has been acting on its best behaviour!
And has been everywhere from my uni notes to my sketchbook.

Im pretty happy with this image, I've always had a thing for speech bubbles.
I find it great when utterly non-tangible things, like speech, gets solidified in comics.
And I love comics.
Ahhh comics and biro's ... never leave me!


  1. wow! love it.
    it is exactly what a conversation feels like form the outside. you know its happening but have no idea what is being said.
    And the clothing texture is fantastic, the less line more detail is great.

    Oh yeah, I love biros too. I will have to add some back into my pencil case!

  2. hurray! I have converted more people towards biro!
    thanks Rhys, you are spot on about the image, I'm glad the texture of someone else's conversation came through.

    Looking forward to seeing your biro works.