Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bubble girl +fish

This image is part of a larger composition I was going to do for a Threadless T-shirt competition. Originally there were meant to be tons of kids running around and making giant bubble and balloon creatures.  It never got out of the sketching phase unfortunately.  The main obstacle in my image's path was an 8 colour restriction for a t-shirt print.  In the end I decided to forgo the competition and just make the image the way I wanted to. 

(I also ran out of time after mucking about with other projects and making the same sketch over and over trying to visualize it with only 8 colours.) 

This little girl is a bit of a colour test, so I'd love to hear any feedback.
After spending an hour circling through the five different blue's in the bubble fish
changing the opacity ever so slightly,
erasing something and then undoing 
and then re-doing and then deciding to try dodge it instead
I decided that she had to get off my desktop 

otherwise I would never get to any of the work I am meant to be doing today.


  1. The colors work for me... There is similarity to your postcard screenprint. I find this image more interesting though...

  2. Thanks sweety! Yes I agree this image is sooo much better than my postcard!
    Good luck with your giant prints,
    and your new printer's blog
    I'll see you after the break

  3. I love your Fish Girl. I liked seeing all the separated layers on your photoshop but I think you should include the dude bubble on your blog as well, that was SO cute. They are a pair. :D