Friday, June 5, 2009

Archibald 2009

The Archibald is now finished, I managed to sneak in on the second last day and it was surprisingly empty. Not exactly empty but deserted compared to the last time I tried to get in: where the line stretched from the foyer, past the gift shop and into the permanent collection.

These are my favourites of the show. Some didn't come out well enough, like Abbey McCulloh's painting which was all about colour.

A couple others were from the Wynne Prize, I usually don't like landscape painting but that exhibition really took with me. Especially Paul Ryan's work, titled 'My home is the sea'. Loved the framing of the coastline, it was almost like a little boat, or a floating island, very insular and gorgeous. It actually reminds me of some of Nicky O'Byrne's art. Paul's portrait 'Moutain of Tom' was also kick ass.

Sam Cranstoun's portrait was amazing, though I must admit I have a thing for hair now. I also feel I liked his work because all the facial hair reminded me of wolverine; my 2D childhood sweetheart.

And while I was drawing 'Gyton' I met Cathy Larsen, one of the design heads at Penguin books! It is great just randomly running into creative heavy weights. She was sweet and really friendly and gave me some advice on my illustrating dream.

(Cathy if you are reading this Thank You! also I think the paper person we were talking about was Nicholas Jones, shows at Pablo Fanque)

I seem to be having trouble opening the AGNSW website so here is a different link if you want to check out the Arcibald Finalists.


  1. Woo! I got a mention on your blog! :D

  2. hahahha I Always mention you on my blog!
    Take a look at paul ryan tho
    you can't see it with my tiny black an blue picture
    but his landscapes do remind me of your work :)

    love you