Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Analog Group Show

Me and many others will be showing at the 'Analog' Group show at Tortuga Studios.  Artists from various disciplines have gathered by the incredibly fertile curation proposal of: Analog.

Slides, vinyl, the ticking hands of a clock or the jittering static of a TV signal, this and other ample suggestions have been handed over to the artists.  Whatever comes about it seems as if this will definitely be an old school crowd shaking fists at the ever looming digital progression.

Fists will be shaken and feet will be moved also by the live music by Rob Joyber, Sunny Bin Roving D.J and other guests.

Opening night is 
Friday the 13th of July
6 - 9 pm at
Tortuga Studios
31 Princess Hwy
St Peters NSW 2044 
(right next to the station)

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