Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Work

These are just a few experimentations I started recently.  They are continuations from the work I did last year with replicating photographs onto metal plates.  Previously I was priming the plates then working on top of them with charcoal and other dry media.  During that year I was interested in working with the plate more, especially since they were mostly off-cuts from zinc etching plates and I knew that I could be altering the surface more.  But I just didn't have the time.

After recharging for a few months this year I've started with these new works.  I might build them into a proper project but at the moment I'm simply still exploring what can be done with the medium.  I'm still at a learning process with transforming tonal qualities into textural qualities, and how that relates to reading the image as a positive or negative image.  But I'm really enjoying the tactile quality of these works, and how touching diminishes the need for visual legibility.  They're quite strange little artifacts and I think they read more directly with tin types, negative glass plates or other forms of photography, which is nice.

Most of the new works are just an open bite with acid, which has me blocking out parts of the metal I don't want eaten away with acid resistant bitumen.  (The last image still has bitumen on it!)  With the possibility of progressing towards more forms of intalgio as the experiments go on.

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