Sunday, June 19, 2011

Studio Shot

I stumbled across a photo book of artist's and designer studios recently.  I've seen a few of them before, as well as finding studio shots in magazines or on websites.  There is something incredibly fascinating about seeing the 'behind the scenes' of creatives.  Its like the hidden birthplace of artwork, part Frankenstein's laboratory, part Aladdin's Cave.  Unfortunately I was somewhat disappointed with the cleanliness of these studio portraits.  They seemed way too sparse, too large...too hygienic.

Nevertheless I wanted to show my studio in its awesome messy glory.  I have pretty much one of the best spaces.  Corner with window, a mixture of easel and table space, as well as being next to some amazingly creative, funny, and friendly artists.  During class time, as well as out, we bring in snacks, chocolates and baked goods (sometimes Home Made!) and munch away while sometimes getting onto the topic of art, but mostly discussing food-particularly Yum Cha.  

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