Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The long delay

I apologize for the long delay, I've recently begun my Honours Year at University and it is a pretty big endeavor.  That said it is also an amazing time and I am enjoying the work that I've been doing.  Hopefully I will be finishing off a few things and will start posting little snippets as the year progresses.

That said I have done a lot of other work and I just need to slowly crawl through the backlog with scanning and cleaning on photoshop.  The above picture is just that, I made this in Singapore last Christmas (hence the little snowflakes on the windows) its one of the first images I drew that holiday in the NEW Starbucks!  It was somewhat painful to go and see the New starbucks (I liked the old one).  Unfortunately last year it got severely flooded and they had to basically rip out all the old fixtures.  It really is bizarre to go to a favourite haunt and realize its been completely changed behind your back.  All the more stranger because I have so many drawings from this one place that it seemed to be visually haunted.

Nevertheless it turned out to be a great drawing spot, just like the 'Old Starbucks', and one day when I've amassed enough of them I might do a little chronological book of this one address over the years.


  1. I like I like! I miss drawing with you, and now starbucks have an awful new logo which is minus the text, boooo.

  2. How can they change the logo?! Thats the one thing thats meant to stay the same!