Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More of Bear

Blogger is messing around with my colours again, had I been happy with them in this image it would be much more annoying. Alas the texture on my watercolour paper is driving my scanner mad. The scanner refuses to let the blank unpainted section in my image to lie in the background. After some equal treatment the grain is now smugly sitting in the foreground.

I've tried everything in photoshop from levels and curves to hue/saturation. My problem is the paper is received as a yellow, a main colour in the rest of image, to change it in any way distorts the overall colour scheme. Which was changed anyway by scanner and photoshop and blogger. If anyone has a magical solution to my problems please inform me. But otherwise enjoy the transport adventures of bear.


  1. where are all the other images you keep telling me about? i want blog updates! blog updates! naaaow!!! love you

  2. What images?! ahhh ahhhh! PANIC
    I don't know what these mythical other images are
    but be assured I'm not working very well on my art at the mo.
    so I am not intentionally hiding anything from you

    But while we're on the topic,
    I want blog updates from YOU!
    Blog updates! blog updates!
    love you too