Monday, October 26, 2009

Cafe sketch

The signature down the bottom left belongs to the well-muscled man in the back of the cafe. Despite him looking intensely at his laptop he also managed to spy me.

I used to have a habit of getting waiters & waitresses to sign my cafe sketches. I think they enjoyed being part of the image and seeing what I had done to the place they clock in their 9 to 5's. I guess it also made the image more real as a place for me.

Others who'd spotted me were gladly included or on the rare occasion I'd approach some of the random people who were in the image for their John Hancock. But I fell out of habit. Mostly because some people had no idea what in the world I wanted from them or what my sketch was of. Also some others were a bit suspicious of giving out their signature, as we all should be.

Well-muscled man didn't have any qualms however, and was quite pleased to get a glimpse at what he looked like, as well as adding to the piece himself.


  1. This reaaaaaally looks like the starbucks at wheelock... is it is it is it?? I miss you so much please email me. I am so excited that you were in the newspaper. I hope you bought lots of copies and framed one and stuck it on your wall and sent one clipping to me. I HOPE you did that. hmmmm ???? :D xXXXx

  2. I have tons of copies yes! They were free! Daily free newspaper for commuters etc. But no framing...that's too expensive! I just put them all in a stack on my desk. Also yes it's starbucks! (too smart for your own good) I will bring you a copy if you want....if you reallllly want it. I mean at the end of the day it's a photo of me sitting in the alley way outside my house with my works propped up near the drain...fancy.

    but I will bring a clipping if you want one. When do you get back to Singapore? whenwhenwhen? I love you long time xxxXXxx