Thursday, May 14, 2009

Murdoch Books: Monster Maintenance Manual Illustration Competition

There was an illustration competition for Murdoch Books new children's title: Monster Maintenance Manual.

Here are my final images for: Nose Ghoul, Quarking Ducks and long-legged Underbed pigs.
I'll post sketches soon.
(just so you know, the nose ghoul is pulling ginger hair out of his cloak. Nose ghouls apparently are the cause for nasal hair amoung adults.)


  1. beautiful work Jess. these were great brief and everyones I have seen have been totally different interpretations.

    good luck :)

  2. who would have thought I would spot more of our work down at Berkelouw Books on the same day. nice to see some of your stuff in the flesh

  3. These are SO CUTE! The facial expression on the duck is classic! HAPPEEEEEEEE

    ok now I want to see your scary happy faceless people.

  4. hahaha, they are not all scary and faceless!
    some are just scary...

    there is a new addition on my website,
    slowly getting around to pushing jono around to put up more images.

    But thank you for the great comments!
    And for the luck! (I hope I win too)

    I felt so unhappy with my last post and want to cover it up as quickly as possible so it moves to a separate page!

    Also can someone please give me links to all the other illustrators who have applied for this competition?

    I would love to see how everyone else tackled the brief!

  5. Hey Jess B I just stumbled on your site, but I entered as well! Your works are great, and I see nothing wrong with your last post! Cheers, Jess R.

  6. Great monsters Jess!! I read the brief and your interpretations are awesome! Your concept art ability is A+++! Also, your new body of work is blowing me away, the new direction is fanstastic. You talented chickie, can't wait to see them in up close. xx:D Shaly

  7. love you to death Shalini!
    you are so sweet!
    I will hopefully have a show sometime in the future
    then I will invite you and you have to drag along all your friends
    especially Shanti and Ian, those guys are amazing,
    Ian walked me to my busstop and we had such a great talk I kindof didn't want to catch my bus.

    Anyway hope your exhibition is hitting the roof
    peter seems really keen on having you back as well
    good luck and I hope to see you soon
    love jessb